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Why DA is a Bad choice to run .ART domains

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 8:33 AM
UPDATE: To add to this, back in 2010 I found an article about the Owner of Deviant Art… It states his Net Worth is over 75 Million Dollars so while not a MEGA CORP he is up there for sure. I've also read information that only 5% of DA users pay for the membership.

Here is some Extra DATA I've found about how many users their are on DA Answer: DeviantArt social networking site has 1,000,000-10,000,000 users.
Female: 48%. Male: 52%. 13-17 Years: 23%. 18-34 Years: 44%. 35+ Years: 34% Asian: 8%. Black: 9%. Hispanic: 10%. White: 69%. No College: 88%. College: 12%. This information is provided by FIND THE BEST social-networking.findthebest.…

So their annual take in from the 1,000,000 range is about 1,450,000 dollars and that is on the low end of the guess... if we go with the high end then it is 14,500,000 dollars, on just memberships. This does not add into Paid Ads, sales of prints and T-shirts, tax breaks and other information that is not disclosed because they are not publicly traded and refuse to announce how much they make, which they do not have to due to being a Private Company.

So Deviant Art is trying to gain control of the .ART domains.... I think this is bad and isn't in the best interests of artists.

Here is a small article I put together based on the information I've found in just an hour.

Hey everybody, I did a little research into some of the other companies looking to run the .art domains. It's interesting to find out that so far only one has said they would donate 10% back to art galleries and other artists too with their profits. Here are links to several articles. I suggest everybody here takes a look and makes the correct choice based on their research and information gathering.

Eflux is also trying to seek this as well…
here is an article on it…

here is the main site

here is another article about eflux… stating they are the only NON-PROFIT applying. So yeah please do some research.

Here we have a list of the top 10 applying for the .Art title…

Here is the short list of companies
1. Aremi Group SA. Founded in 2010 in Luxembourg, Aremi is a private company that focuses on the registry of gTLDs. In a press release, they claim to have trademarked ".ART" and "DOT ART."

2. Top Level Domain Holdings. TLDH is an investment company that also focuses on gTLD domain space. It applied for 92 of the new niche domains to be unveiled in 2013, 22 of which were uncontested. The company has a subsidiary called "Minds and Machines" that provides technical service to gTLD applicants.

3. Dadotart Inc. Created by DeviantART—a website that allows users to upload original artwork and was founded in 2000; the site attracts many anime artists.

4. Baxter Tigers LLC (Donuts Inc.). Donuts Inc. is a major domain name registry, backed by more than $100 million in venture and private equity funding. Under various subsidiary names, it has applied for the most gTLDs, with Google and Amazon as runners-up.

5. UK Creative Ideas Limited. Almost no information is available at press time on this mysterious applicant.

6. Merchant Law Group LLP. A nationwide (Canadian) law firm.

7. Uniregistry, Corp. A relatively new company that partnered with Internet Systems Consortium Inc (ISC). The partnership applied for more than 50 new gTLDs.

8. Top Level Design LLC. Created in 2012 by the founders of AboutUS, SnapNames, and ICANNWiki. Raymond King, a founder, is very involved in the ICANN community, and is the director of website that covers ICANN's new gTLD program. Though closely associated with Top Level Design, ICANNWiki claims that it will remain impartial throughout the process.

9. Art Registry Inc. Its contact person works for the larger gTLD domain registry, Afilias (launched in 2001).

10. LLC. Formed in 1999 as an art-world mailing list, e-flux now publishes a critical and informational monthly journal, develops traveling exhibitions and has a New York gallery space. It is the only art world applicant.

Also last but not least here is Information on DA's or DADOTART INC. 's application and other various information.
By reading this it states them as being a Corporation and that their HQ is in Delaware where a lot of companies have their "HQ" addresses to lower or negate taxes. This is usually done by having an address when they file their annual financial statements to the IRS. Keeping an address in that states already helps them. Here is some information on having a Corp in DE…

Also here is an Excerpt for their Application:
"Proof of Legal Establishment

8(a). Legal form of the Applicant


8(b). State the specific national or other jursidiction that defines the type of entity identified in 8(a).

Delaware, United States of America"

This is information I found in an Hour and I managed to find their application. I Love DA and all, but it's like loving somebody who is Drunk and wants to drive home. They don't need the keys to this so it should be taken away.

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Haunter-360 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
So uh, what's this mean in Laymen's terms?
Does it mean people are going to be profiting from our art without our permission?
SHADOBOXXER Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
Nope. It will not have any control over your current DA gallery BUT should you choose to run your own site with .art they can either say YAY or NAY to your site on a global scale.

The basics are, DA and 10 other companies are bidding for control over website domains with .ART

This means that anybody who buys a .art will be paying Deviant Art's new LLC that they made up called Dadoart LLC would control who is and who isn't allowed to have a site based on what they feel is art.

My issue with them running this is they have a hard enough time maintaining this site. I believe there are only 8-12 people who get paid to "run" or "maintain" the site and everything else is done by Mods who I have no idea if they are paid or free, or get some kind of perk. Their application does show they don't pay many people, but since they are Small, they would have to hire more people to moderate who says yes and no, because they can't kid themselves that they are a smaller company but Ranked third in Social Media Sites.

This would be Equal to Facebook gaining a site ending in .PIC and saying "hey photographers! You know us! You post pics on our site everyday! Now you too can have a site with .PIC at the end of it and we will Quality Control it!"
Haunter-360 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Ah, okay.
That's gotta suck for the .ART peeps.
GlenMiles Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Just an hours worth of research huh? Thanks for sharing, I didn't even bother to look into the whole .ART thing yet, thanks for the heads up.
SHADOBOXXER Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
Yeah no prob. It's funny what information you can find when you know what to look for. Thing is I'd be happy to support DA on this if they helped out artists more. I pay for my Sub, and wouldn't mind seeing that DA even spent 5% of their profits on a yearly basis to help art in school, or even buying Crayons for kids in poor school districts or even donate to Toys for Tots or something. Instead DA has 1 day sales on prints and some merch.
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